The Enhancement of Entrepreneurship in Sudan: Opportunities from the INSO Project

On Friday, 15 February 2019, CNR IRISS was proud of hosting the closing conference of the INSO project moderated by Sabrina Greco, Scientific Coordinator of the Project.

The Director of the Institute, Alfonso Morvillo, presented the main findings of this innovative and successful project as well as its future perspectives.

The positive impact the INSO project intended to have on Sudanese society is reflected in the COMBONI ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION CENTER (CEIC). Born from the commitment and tenacity of the partners of Comboni College and IRISS, the Incubator will support the creation of micro-enterprises by young Sudanese entrepreneurs with the ambitious aim of promoting sustainable development. In this regard, we can’t help to emphasize the extraordinary work made by Jorge Naranjo Alcaide, from Comboni College, even more extraordinay given the critical context where it has been realized.

We are grateful to Fabrizio Lobasso, Ambassador of Italy to Sudan, and Abdelwahab El Hijazi, Ambassador of Sudan to Italy for sharing with us their deep knowledge of Sudanese society and its potential of development.

The key role of private colleges and universities as well as of research institutions in the development of entrepreneurship in Sudan were highlighted by Mohamed Ismail Yousif Suliman and Rashid Abdelhaleem Saee Abdelhaleem, representatives of the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHE).

Alberto Fornasari, from the Centre for life-long learning of the University of BARI, talked about the training offered to the Sudanese students through a blended educational model.

Thanks once again to Muna Mohammed Elamin Merghani, Head of Human Resources at Haggar DMCC, for presenting some best practices able to contribute to build skills, confidence and economic empowerment for the Sudanese youth and provide them with great opportunities. Thanks to Fabio Petroni, Director of the E4impact Foundation programmes, for presenting the successful experience of the Incubator launched in Kenya to establish a competitive and innovative business environment in Africa and to Daniela De Gregorio, INSO Project Manager that illustrated the opportunities to continue the INSO Cooperation.

Last but not least, we really thank Dr. Chiara Impagliazzo of the Ministry of the Interior – Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, without whose funding the project could never have been carried out.


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The Enhancement of Entrepreneurship in Sudan: Opportunities from the INSO Project

Data / Ora: 15/02/2019 / 10:00 - 13:15


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