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“Migration and the Environment: Some Reflections on Current Legal Issues and Possible Ways Forward” is now online

01 Feb 2018

It is now available online the volume Migration and the Environment: Some Reflections on Current Legal Issues and Possible Ways Forward, edited by Giovanni Carlo Bruno  del CNR IRISS, Fulvio Maria Palombino and Valentina Rossi del CNR IRISS.

The rationale behind the volume is to provide a comprehensive and critical review of the major outcomes, implications and achievements on the relevant questions of international law on international migration and the environment.

The ultimate objective of the volume is to foster the debate among experts, scholars and policy makers. To this end, the collected papers analyze from different perspectives the link between migration and the environment and the phenomenon of environment-related migration, discuss the extent to which people whose movements are induced by environmental factors are protected under the existing international legal framework, investigate the main legal issues and normative gaps and analyze the solutions at stake.

The Volume contains papers by Mariana Ferolla Vallandro do Valle, Fulvia Staiano, Giuseppe Morgese, Giovanni Sciaccaluga, Maria Vittoria Zecca, Ana Carolina Barbosa Pereira Matos and Tarin Cristino Frota Mont’Alverne, Patrycja Magdalena Zgola.

The graphic project was developed by Angela Petrillo, CNR IRISS.



Download the volume: Migration_and_the_Environment_2017

The volume is availble also from