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Prima-Vera Campana: For the labor integration of foreign citizens

Scientific Coordinator

Giovanni Carlo Bruno

Objectives and contents

The project Prima-Vera Campana aims at increasing the number of third-country nationals involved in the employment policies offered by the Campania Region.

The project has the following main activities:

  • The qualification of the employment services system, through the development of the intercultural skills of public service workers;
  • Capitalization of the Skills Profile Tool for Third country nationals and of the individual e-portfolio;
  • The promotion and improvement of orientation skills for the transparency and enhancement of formal and informal skills functional to the local labor market;
  • The systematization of the tools developed for the construction of work tables and the setting up of a system tracking interventions on the labour market;
  • The promotion of cooperation tools and methods for setting up a multilevel and multistakholder governance system;
  • The contrast of the phenomena of discrimination and exploitation in the workplace.

Research Group IRISS

Gabriella Esposito Pietro Evangelista Marco Fasciglione Stefania Oppido Stefania Ragozino Natale Rampazzo Valentina Rossi Maria Patrizia Vittoria


Regione Campania

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Start 2021 | End 2021

Amount and source of financing

Totale finanziamento: 1.141.000,00 € - Quota CNR IRISS: 92.310,49 € Ministero del Lavoro – Avviso pubblico n.2/2018- PRIMA – PRogetto per l’Integrazione lavorativa dei MigrAnti, per la presentazione di progetti di rafforzamento dell’integrazione lavorativa dei migranti, da finanziare a valere sul Fondo Asilo Migrazione e Integrazione 2014-2020 FAMI – Obiettivo Specifico 2 “Integrazione/ Migrazione legale” – Obiettivo Nazionale 2 “Integrazione”

Administrative reference

Decreto Ministero Interno 81 del 4 luglio 2018

Administrative manager

Marina d'Antonio