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Notices N. 3/2021 Assignment of an external Professional Collaborator

The CNR – Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (CNR IRISS) is looking for an expert of high professionalism for the following activities: Support the CNR-IRISS in the coordination and reporting of the activities of the 3R4UB project in Mongolia, as well as to facilitate relations with Mongolian institutional partners and with the Offices of the EU Delegation in Mongolia. These activities will be carried out within the project “The 3Rs for a sustainable use of natural resources in Ulaan Bator – 3R4UB” (CUP B54D19000270006) funded by the European Commission under the ASIA SWITCH Program.

Required technical skills:

  • Ability to manage complex projects through the use of Project Management techniques
  • Knowledge of issues related to environmental sustainability and development in Mongolia and / or the waste management value chain supply in Mongolia

Employee requirements:

  • Degree diploma recognized by the countries of the European Union or Mongolia
  • Work or professional experience, in public or private bodies, in activities related to environmental sustainability and development and / or the waste management value supply chain
  • Resident in Mongolia, preferably in Ulaanbaatar or willingness to move to Ulaanbaatar
  • Fluent or native speaker of Mongolian
  • Advanced knowledge of written and spoken English

Deadline to apply: 01/03/21