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Be.CULTOUR – Beyond CULtural TOURism: heritage innovation networks as drivers of Europeanisation towards a human-centred and circular tourism economy

Scientific Coordinator

Antonia Gravagnuolo

Objectives and contents

The project responds to the need to implement innovative approaches to promote a balanced and sustainable development of cultural tourism in European urban areas and regions by fostering co-operation at local, regional and cross-border level.

The overall objective of the project is to co-create and test innovative strategies and solutions for the development of circular cultural tourism according to a human-centred development approach and through the implementation of collaborative innovation methodologies and co-innovation networks between public, private and civil society organisations for the enhancement of cultural heritage in remote, peripheral or deindustrialised areas and disadvantaged cultural landscapes, as well as in over-exploited areas. Through cultural co-innovation networks, the project intends to develop action plans and innovations to promote a transition of cultural tourism from a “stop-and-go” approach to cultural heritage consumption towards a people-based approach and circular economy models, to foster inclusive economic growth, community well-being and resilience, regeneration of nature and cultural diversity and effective collaboration at cross-border, regional and local level.  Innovation actions will be implemented through the project partnership in 6 pilot regions and 12 “mirror ecosystems” in European and non-European countries (North-Central and South Europe, Eastern European neighbours, the Mediterranean).

Research Group IRISS

Martina Bosone Marco Fasciglione Luigi Fusco-Girard Alessandra Marasco Serena Micheletti Alfonso Morvillo



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Start 2021 | End 2024

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H2020 TRANSFORMATIONS-04-2019-2020

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Attilio Musella