Following the establishment of the Institute for Research on Innovation and Service Development (IRISS), deriving from the merger of the Institute for Service Industry  Research  (IRAT)  and  the  Supporting  Operational  Unit  of  Naples  of  the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI), the organizational chart has been redrawn, consistently with the vision of the new Institute.

In addition to streamlining the activities of the existing offices, the new organization has provided for the creation of the Scientific and Technical Support Office, working in close collaboration with the Directorate to manage the strategic activities for the Institute, and precisely: Support to Planning and Monitoring of Research Activities; Support to the Development of externally funded projects; Evaluation and Promotion of scientific results of research; Competencies Development and Quality System Management.

The new organization is based on a process approach and team working, aimed at constantly encouraging knowledge sharing among the diverse offices and research groups.


(excerpt from Article 9 of the ‘Rules on Organization and Operations of the National Research Council’, approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Research Act No. 36411 of 26th May 2015)

Alfonso Morvillo

Directs and coordinates the scientific and administrative activities, implementing the appropriate competencies of the Institute, including those regulating interactions with external parties, in compliance with the CRN rules.

The office is responsible of reporting on the results of the activities performed by the Institute, of the outsourced projects as well as of developing competencies harmonically and evaluating the adequacy of facilities and equipments.

Board of Institute

(excerpt from Article 9 of the ‘Rules on Organization and Functioning of the National Research Council’, approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Research Act No. 36411 of 26 May 2015)

The Board of Institute represents the internal scientific community by performing the following tasks:

  1. Share opinions with a trimester frequency on the skill development plan, the advancement of activities and the purpose of the Institute;
  2. Propose new ideas to improve the quality of research and development of novel skills;
  3. Aid the Directorate in developing a management plan and compiling annual reports;

Members: Alfonso Morvillo (Lead; Giovanni Carlo Bruno (, Valeria Catanese (, Marcella de Martino (,  Gabriella Esposito (, Pietro Evangelista (, Alessandra Marasco (

Scientific and technical support to Directorate Office

Lead: Immacolata Vellecco


The office assists the Directorate in Planning, Monitoring, Development, Evaluation and Promotion of Research Activities and Competencies of the Institute.

Secretarial Office

Lead: Angela Di Tota


The office supports the Directorate in managing both internal and external communications as well as personnel. All the activities connected with competition announcements and selections are in charge of this office.

Prevention and protection service

Interim Lead: Angela Petrillo


The office carries out the activities for the health and safety of the workplace, in accordance with the legal obligations related to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 dated 9 April 2008. It supports the Directorate in the identification of risk factors, risk assessment, definition of preventive and protective measures for the health and safety of the workplace, and training and information of workers.

Library and Journal archives

Lead: Maria Grazia Spronati


The office manages the library heritage, including the annual budget. The relationships with the external users of the library, interested in consultation, are in charge of this office.

Project Development

Lead: Daniela De Gregorio


The office supports the elaboration and presentation of research, technology transfer and advanced trainging projects. It identifies possible sources of funding at regional, national and European level for the implementation of research projects.


Lead: Valeria Catanese


The office deals with promotion, communication and dissemination of research and project activities of the Institute by using both traditional channels (website) and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and so on).

Conferences and Events

Lead: Emanuela Motta


It organizes and manages special events connected to specific research activities for their promotion and dissemination.

Technical and IT services

Lead: Stefano Carotenuto


The office supports research activities as far as technical and IT services are concerned. All the activities connected with the acquisition, management and maintenance of the moveable and immoveable property are in charge of this office.

Network Services

Lead: Mario De Lucia


The Network Service is assigned the management of the dns, the management of the Institute’s network, the connectivity to the GARR network and the management of electronic mail.


Lead: Eduardo Civitelli


The office handles the bookkeeping and contracts for the Institute, as well as the petty cash fund and the economic and financial reporting for externally funded projects.


Lead: Marina d’Antonio


The office manages reporting on project activities funded by European direct and indirect funds.

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