BESECURE – Best practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Environments

IRISS Scientific Coordinator

Involvement of IRISS

The IRISS unit contributed to the methodological proposal, to the definition of the early warning system, to the testing phase of the pilot tool and the development of the case study of Naples. The fieldwork began with a listening campaign involving the main institutional stakeholders: law enforcement organizations, local communities, developers, activists and scholars in the field. The case study addressed priorities and gaps in security policies and practices; drivers and policy options; local stakeholder engagement; validation of measurement criteria, as well as dissemination and exploitation of the ongoing and final results.

The three-year project concluded in April 2015 with EU validation. The follow-up phase includes participation in project proposals and further development of one of the emergent themes: the re-use of confiscated assets of organized crime to regenerate urban areas with a high crime rate,  part of  the Place-based urban regeneration strategies action-research initiative within the framework of the IRISS research project.