Post-graduate Scholarships Programme

Tourism Innovation For Resilience

The Maurice Strong Legacy

Would you like to spend a year in beautiful Naples and collaborate with some of the top Tourism Research Institutions for:

Studying innovative responses to the challenge of Tourism Impact on Climate Change?

Exploring sustainable travel behavior in historic cultural heritage destinations?

Working on Content Management applied to Knowledge Transfer in Tourism?

Then, you may be eligible for one of three scholarships awarded by CNR-IRISS, SUNx and t-FORUM, which fund this Programme to enhance the awareness of Tourism Stakeholders on Climate Change.

The successful applicants will receive an amount equal to 9.000€, paid in six instalments. No other expenses will be charged on the budget of the Programme.

Candidates can apply only for one position.

In addition, 60 top applicants will be enrolled in the SUNx lifetime learning program.

The scholarships holders will work at CNR-IRISS in Naples.

Important dates

  • Deadline for application: 15 September 2018
  • Winners announcement: 15 October 2018
  • Starting Scholarship: 15 January 2019

The “Tourism Innovation for Resilience: The Maurice Strong Legacy” Scholarship Committee met today, 15th October 2018, for validating all the assessments carried out by the three working groups (CNR-IRISS, SUNx and t-FORUM). In this regard, it has become necessary to check on various information/documents provided by all applicants. The committee will soon announce the results of its work on this website.