• Description

    “SIRC – Servizi interculturali Regione Campania” is a multi-action project co-financed by the Ministry of Interior of Italy – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (2015-2017). It aims at improving the level of public services for third-Countries nationals, increasing also inter-cultural competences of public officers.


    Specific Objectives of the Project are:

    • To strengthen inter-cultural competences of Public Services’ officers working in Campania, and having direct contact with migrants, assigned to information and/or orientation services;
    • To promote innovation in organizational processes, ameliorating reception and integration, stimulating inter-cultural reorganization of Institutions and Public Services involved, with the purpose of facilitating the access to services of foreign citizens;


    • To promote networking and communication among officials of Public Services directed to third-Countries nationals, to optimize the use of public and private resources, and to strengthen the quality of services, focusing them on the needs and the specificities of foreign users;
    • To promote the involvement of the foreign citizens in organizational and decision-making processes.

    To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the following activities will be carried out:

    Advanced Training Courses on Inter-cultural Tools for Communication, for officers of Public Services in Campania;

    Thematic Sessions dealing with the issue of impact of the migrants on the local society;

    Desk of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, including legal advice, for Public Services;

    Pilot Action, for the re-planning of Services with an inter-cultural approach.

  • Partnership:
    COINOR - Centro di Servizio di Ateneo per il Coordinamento di Progetti Speciali e l’Innovazione Organizzativa (capofila), CIDIC ONLUS, COINOR-Centro di Servizio di Ateneo per il Coordinamento di Progetti Speciali e l’Innovazione Organizzativa
  • Reference
    FONDO ASILO, MIGRAZIONE E INTEGRAZIONE (FAMI) 2014-2020 OS2/ON2: “Potenziamento delle competenze degli operatori pubblici in materia di servizi per l’integrazione dei migranti”
  • Start:
    giugno 2017
  • End:
    marzo 2018

IRISS Scientific Coordinator

Involvement of IRISS

Leader of the project “S.I.R.C. – Servizi Interculturali Regione Campania”  is COINOR – Università di Napoli ‘Federico II’.

IRISS-CNR participates to the planning meetings and to all activities directly connected to the Project.

In particular, IRISS-CNR will carry out two Pilot Actions, for the re-planning of Services with an inter-cultural approach.

This highly innovative task aims at creating a model for ‘new’ public services for foreign citizens.  The Action is founded on the analysis of public services for Third-Countries nationals.

Three steps are undertaken to achieve this task: 1. Laboratory of Service design for the re-planning of the service; 2. Coaching and Testing of the defined model as output of the Laboratory; 3. Meeting / Laboratory for the upgrade of the applicable model, according to the feedbacks of the preceding phases.

The Pilot Action sets as its objectives:

To plan and to put into action the ‘new’ inter-cultural service for foreign users;

To increase the knowledge of ‘Service Design’, of its methods and approaches;

To introduce practical tools of planning and to train the staff involved in the project, through coaching, planning, sharing and reflections activities (learning by doing);

To strengthen the abilities of the staff, applying the ‘Design Thinking’ tools and the planning focused on the potential user;

To improve the capabilities of the staff (autonomy, ability to modify the touchpoints of the service offered), in order to answer the needs of foreign users when the situation requires so.