METRICS – Methodologies and Technologies for the Management and Requalification of Historic Centres and Buildings

  • Description

    METRICS aims to improve conditions in historical centres by protecting and enhancing constructed heritage and increasing the quality of life. The project focuses on small historical centres and the value of traditional buildings, characteristic of Italian cultural heritage.

    The general aim of the project is to develop methodologies, technologies and innovative systems for regeneration and identity enhancement in historical centres, both at the building level and at a territorial level, using a multidisciplinary approach based on the principles of sustainability and safety.

    The research has the following goals:

    WP1 Development of integrated approaches for analysis and recovery of historical centres;

    WP2 Development of methodologies for evaluating and increasing the resilience of historical centres;

    WP3 Development of methodologies for  integration between physical and social networks;

    WP4 Development of methodologies for the sustainable rehabilitation of historical centres.

    In terms of WP4, IRISS is responsible for the development of Techniques for monitoring, controlling and managing the building/installation system.

    The main expected result is the implementation of methodologies and techniques designed to improve resilience and quality of life in historical urban systems.

  • Partnership:
    Stress S.c.a.r.l. (capofila), AMRA, ATP, Calzestruzzi Irpini, CCC-Acam, Consorzio 3, Costruire, Geoslab, Icie, Istituto di Ricerca su Innovazione e Servizi per lo Sviluppo (CNR-IRISS), Mapei, Tecnoin, Tecnosistem, Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Università degli Studi del Sannio, Università di Padova
  • Reference
    PON Ricerca e Competitività- Asse 1 -Sostegno ai mutamenti strutturali .Obiettivo Reti per il rafforzamento del potenziale scientifico-tecnologico delle Regioni della Convergenza
  • Start:
    settembre 2015
  • End:
    dicembre 2016

IRISS Scientific Coordinator

Involvement of IRISS

Within WP4 – Development of methodologies for the sustainable rehabilitation of historical centres – IRISS is responsible for Techniques for monitoring, controlling and managing the building/installation system. It will identify and analyse efficient methods for the integrated control and management of HVAC systems, using innovative technology, with regard to indoor comfort and quality of life in traditional buildings.

Starting from national and international state-of-the-art control and management of building systems, IRSS will study compatible systems which can be integrated into buildings of historical value, complementing the project work in Procedures and techniques for improving energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources in protected structures.

The expected result is the implementation of innovative methodologies and techniques to monitor the relationship between building and installation, with a specific focus on indoor environmental indoor comfort to guarantee user wellbeing.

This, along with the other WP4 activities, will help identify efficiency levels in historical buildings, key information for the creation of environmentally sustainable rehabilitation and management projects designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and reduce energy consumption in historical centres.