QUARC – Quality of local food production in Campania and its area (Qualità delle Produzioni Tipiche Campane ed il suo Territorio): Innovative and integrated approaches to reinforce competitivity in the agriculture and food sector

IRISS Scientific Coordinator

Involvement of IRISS

The campus activities carried out by IRISS mainly involve WP1 project planning and Domain and technology analysis and can be summarised as follows:

Analysis of the agricultural food chains

A methodology was developed for the analysis of wine, dairy, pasta and oil. Each single chain will be examined in terms of:

  1. Socio-economic significance.
  2. Production and Market Structure.
  3. Thread Relationships.
  4. Characteristics and diffusion of innovation in enterprises.

Different economic operators will be interviewed.

Strategic and management choices of firms operating in the different agricultural food chains

Based on a theoretical framework derived from literature analysis, an empirical survey was carried out on the innovation capacity of the agricultural food firms involved in the oil, pasta, wine and dairy production chains. The firms were selected by Coldiretti, the Naples Industrial Union and CCIAA of Naples.

Analysis of the characteristics of innovative processes in the individual agricultural food chains

The analysis was carried out in collaboration with D 1.2.5, and involved an examination of strategic choices made by agricultural food firms. In particular, the report outlines the innovative capacity of the firms in terms of innovation type; resources and activities; collaboration with suppliers and customers (external resources: innovative capacity supply chain level); performance achieved. This activity was strategic for the project as it identified the specific needs and obstacles to innovation of SMEs in relation to the territory and the agricultural food chains.

Best practice analysis

A desk review of the best practices of agricultural food firms that have adopted technological innovations has been developed. In particular, the collaborative aspects (including public-private partnership) have been analysed for the adoption and diffusion of technological innovation both in business and for rural areas.

Analysis of the effectiveness of innovation support policies

In order to determine the impact of R & D investment in the agricultural food sector in the context  of the regional economic system, an input-output matrix was used to provide a structural analysis of the regional economic system.

Development of a marketing plan to launch quality products with high spatial identification.
Three brand projects have been implemented and following a vote by all project partners, proposal number 1 was selected. The selected territorial brand is able to promote both the products obtained as part of the Innovation Campus and the products chosen by the participating SMEs. The trademark also includes the use of a QR code which facilitates access to both product information and the production innovations introduced as part of the QUARC project.

Marketing plan for certain agricultural food products

Promotional activities have been carried out on QUARC brand products. The main results were presented at conferences, exhibitions and fairs.