Discipline, safeguarding and legal protection of protected areas in Campania: a drawing card for promotion and development. Recreational fishing in the Protected Marine Area Regno di Nettuno

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    The project conducted interdisciplinary research to determine the viability of fishing-related tourism as a means to eco-sustainable development in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), specifically within the MPA Regno di Nettuno. The research also attempted to establish the expected effects of the application of this business model at a local level. The study was conducted via data collection related to both professional fishing activities and fishing-related tourism on the islands of Ischia and Procida, both of which fall within the scope of the MPA Regno di Nettuno. The research also analysed the legal framework at an international, European, national and local level and its evolution in recent years in terms of responsible fisheries and sustainable tourism in MPAs.

    The project highlighted the fact that applying the triple bottom line approach, fishing-related tourism may be capable of combining two goals: providing impetus to the fishing industry while safeguarding the marine environment by raising awareness of the social-environmental value of the work of professional fishermen. The model in this study proposes management of fishing activities in a sustainable way by providing high quality business services without negatively impacting on the environment, diversifying activity and integrating income with other related activities. Research results will be used to support the creation of public policy on sustainable development to be applied at a regional, national and international level.

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    FEP Campania 2007 - 2013 Misura 3.5: selezione di progetti di ricerca retrospettivi
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