Contract for the award of industrial research and experimental development services

  • Description

    The Iriss institute carried out research and software development activities called PLACEMAKER+ for the client Lynk srl within the framework of the DIV@TER project. The DIV@TER project, funded under the ERDF ROP Lazio 2007/2013 Axis I Activity I.1 CSR Projects of SMEs, aims to develop and implement an innovative IT platform to support the collection, management and processing of multimedia data. In particular, this platform aims to first put in place and connect the features and functionality of the original method of analysis and urban design complex-sensitive PlaceMaker and open up new possibilities for the use of spatial data. This platform represents an innovative and flexible tool both for a complex knowledge of the places, and for operational choices on the territory at different scales, and for the creation of new needs and related businesses. The main users of the software and the PlaceMaker method are: managing autorithies, urban planners, urban planners, professionals, entrepreneurs in information technology, cultural heritage and tourism. Ad hoc case studies will be carried out where attention to the identity of places is a factor of particular interest for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

  • Start:
    luglio 2013
  • End:
    agosto 2014

IRISS Scientific Coordinator