de Renzi Roberto

Roberto de Renzi  has been a researcher at CNR- IRISS since 2018, with a project focused on subjects related to  the emotional element of the Opera.

Besides he deals with the diffusion of the information about the project of research and planning of its industrial exploitation.

He graduated in “Industrial Engineering” at “Università degli studi di Napoli – Federico II” (University of Naples), and in 2013 he was awarded the title of PHD in “Economic and Financial Sciences in the running of business” at “Università degli studi di Roma  – La Sapienza”.

Since 2012 he has been involved as a coordinator of  several projects concerning industrial research and experimental development.

All these multidisciplinary projects have been developed in cooperation with public and private enterprises and research companies.

He has built competences in the analysis of the productive process, in the integrated planning of industrial production and enterprise resource and supply chain management.

He has also been  awarded the title of “Skilled technician on management of logistic and intelligent systems in P.M.I.”

He has also published some interesting articles on national specialized rewiews about topics linked to Corporate Governance and Companies Management.

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