Buonincontri Piera

Piera Buonincontri is a researcher at CNR –  IRISS since 2014.

She graduated cum laude in Business and Economics at the University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy, in 2007 and got a PhD in Marketing and Communication at the University of Salerno in 2014. She has been a research fellow at the Institute for Service Industry Research (CNR – IRAT) during the period 2008-2014.

Her research topics deal with innovation processes in service organizations, with specific focus on the management of cultural and tourist organizations, destination marketing, tourism experience, experience co-creation, information technology in tourism, and tourism strategies for local development.

She has been scientific project manager for Progettare cultura per PERSONE REALI and is currently the scientific manager of the research activity OR1.2 related to the project SNECS – Social network delle entità dei centri storici – DATABENC.

She has been and currently is a member of several research projects; among these: Progetto #ViaggiArte; Progetto NeoLuoghi; Progetto OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A.; Progetto “Cultura Basilicata Web 2.0” – “Matera città Narrata”.

Since 2015 she is member of the research team for the enhancement of scientific results achieved by IRISS researchers.

Since 2013 she is member of the research team for the development of the Tourism Intelligence Forum – tForum

SInce 2011 she is member of the research team for the development of the “Competitiveness of Italy” section on the Rapporto Annuale sul Turismo Italiano.

She is a reviewer for several international books and journals; among these: Tourism Management and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

She has attended national and international conferences and her papers have been published in several national and international books and journals, including Tourism Management.