De Martino Marcella

Marcella De Martino is researcher at CNR –  IRISS since 2006.

Her main research interests deal with: service innovation; inter-organizational collaboration and business network; competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), supply chains and complex systems such as Tourism Destinations and Seaports.

She has been scientific responsible of different European and National research projects:MOSMEDIA, Motorways of the Sea – Mediterranean Impact Analysis; ITALMED – Logistics and tran sport integration between Italy and Mediterranean Countries; Campus innovazione QUARC: “Qualità delle produzioni tipiche campane ed il suo territorio: approcci innovativi ed integrati per rafforzare la competitività del sistema Agroalimentare”; Laboratorio 4ABACO: Piattaforma e-business innovativa per una soluzione tecnologica sistemica quale integratore dei servizi nei settori: Turismo, Beni culturali, Agro-alimentare.

From 2009, she is Iriss’ representative for the International Relationships of the CNR’s Scientific departments within the European Science Foundation Programme.

From 2011, she is a European Expert on the topic of: “Competitiveness and innovation in Seaports” within the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange(TAIEX) Programme of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Enlargement.

From 2015, she is member of the Scientific board of the IRISS.

From 2015, she is  Assistant Editor of the top-tier journal(ISI and Aranked in the Italian evaluation system ASN): International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. She is also reviewers of international top-tier journals: International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management; Maritime Policy and Management; International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management; Transport Review.

She has published in top-tier international and national journals and she has been keynote speaker and speaker of different international and national conferences.