Errichiello Luisa

Luisa Errichiello is researcher at CNR –  IRISS, where she has been working from 2007.

She graduated in Managerial Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II and obtained a PhD in Engineering and Economy of Innovation at the University of Salerno in 2012. She has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern Denmark.

Research interests broadly related to the area of organization of innovation in services and specifically to organizational change, organizational routines and inter-organizational relations.

She is IRISS scientific coordinator of the national project SM@RTINFRA-SSHCH – Smart integrated Infrastructures for the ecosystems of data in social sciences, humanities and cultural heritage – and of the projects “Organizing innovation in work practices through ICTs: smart working and new flexible remote work arrangements” and “Organizational innovation and green practices in the hospitality sector”, in collaboration with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. These are both included in the broader project “Organization of innovation”, that she also coordinates.

From 2014 she is Responsible for Competence Development and IRISS Reference for Trainig and Education.

From 2015  she is  member of the IRISS board.

From 2017 she is one of the coordinators of “#RGCSRoma”, an Italian Chapter of the International Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (#RGCS), an independent research network focused on new work practices and workplace transformations in the context of the sharing and peer-to-peer economy.

Results of research activities have been disseminated by attending academic and practice-oriented conferences, workshops and symposiums, including AOM, EURAM and RESER. Research has been published in international and national volumes  and journals, such Economics and Management of Services and Research in Transportation Business & Management.