Vellecco Immacolata

Immacolata Vellecco has been Research Manager at CNR – IRISS (former CNR – IRAT) since 2013.

She graduated with honors in 1982 in Economics and Commerce from the University of Naples Federico II, with a thesis in Statistics.

She has been a researcher at CNR – IRAT since 1983.

The main research interests concern the tourist enhancement of the territories, with particular reference to sustainable development and the enhancement of Cultural Heritage; in particular, it deals with: governance, intra- and inter-organizational relations, participatory development processes, the role of technologies in support of territorial marketing and the tourist experience.

In the early years of her career she worked on issues related to entrepreneurship, services for the competitiveness of small businesses, innovation processes, with particular reference to social innovation.

She has been responsible for many research projects. Between 2010 and 2013 he represented the Institute within the CNR Migration Project,contributing to characterize some of the research themes of the CNR -IRISS.

In the early ’90s she was professor of Economics of Insurance Companies at the University Naval Institute of Naples (now University of Naples Parthenope), gaining over the years a significant experience in tutoring students and young researchers.

She has been a member of the Scientific Direction Bodies of the Institute (Scientific Council, Institute Committee) and a member of the Scientific Committee of national and international research projects.

She is the author of numerous publications, including international ones, on environmental awareness, cultural districts and services for business competitiveness and social innovation.