Genco Pietro

Pietro Genco is Associate Professor at CNR –  IRISS since 2011.

He is Professor Emeritus of Business Management at the University of Genoa.

His plurennial teaching experience has been focused on several academic courses in the management field. In this vein, he was  professor of Business Management; Strategic Management, Corporate Governance; Corporate Group, networks and strategic alliances, Maritime economics and management and so on in the University of Naples Parthenope and then in the University of Genova.

He was the principal investigator of relevant research projects, with the task of directing and coordinating wide and high-quality research groups at the national and international level.

He was the scientific director and member of the Board of Directors of several Research Institutions, e.g.:

– Director of the Department of Management and Business Studies, Faculty of Economics, University of Genoa;

– Research director and member of the Steering Committee of the Institute of Economics and Policy of  Energy and Environmental the Bocconi University of Milan;

– Principal investigator and director of National Research Council (CNR)Project: “Services and Structures for the Internationalization of Italian Firms”;

– Scientific Secretary of the Committee for Economics, Sociology and Statistics and Member of the Committee for Technological Research and Innovation of the National Research Council (CNR);

– Member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Center of Excellence on Integrated Logistics (CIELI) of the University of Genoa.

He is the author of more than 100 national and international publications in the fields of strategic management, corporate strategy and governance, internationalization strategy applied to several industries.