Magnotti Fabio

Fabio Magnotti graduated with honors in Political Science in 2010 at University of Naples Federico II and he has professional master’s degree in the Management of Transportation, Logistics and Infrastructure in 2011 at Bocconi University.

In 2012, as winner of the Robert Schuman Scholarship of the European Parliament, he cooperated to the parliamentary activities of the Committee on Transport and Tourism.

Fabio Magnotti has been working as research assistant at Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS-CNR) since 2014. The main scientific interests refer to two research areas.The former concerns the inter-organizational collaborations for the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.The second research area concerns the organizational and managerial models adopted in the transport sector and in the port area, in particular.

He has participated in two research projects: QUARC Project – Quality of typical productions of Campania region: innovative and integrated approaches to strengthen the competitiveness of the Agro-food system;CNRxEXPOProject – The evolution of the farm between production and territory: environmental protection, energy and social role of agriculture.

From 2016, he is a reviewer of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

From 2017, he is a member of the working group for the dissemination and exploitation of results of researchers of the IRISS – CNR.