Giovene Di Girasole Eleonora

Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, Architect, PhD in “Evaluation Methods for the Integrated Conservation of Architectural, Urban and Environmental Heritage”.

Since 2013, she has been researcher associate at CNR – IRISS,  with a research focused on cities planning and development policies. She parteciped at the “Estudio de la amenaza sísmica y vulnerabilidad física del Gran Santo Domingo”, developed within the UE and UENDP initiatives, and at the research project METRICS “Metodologie e Tecnologie per la Gestione e la Riqualificazione dei Centri Storici e degli edifici di pregio”.

She participated in scientific activities of Department of Architecture UNINA, from 2002 to 2014.

The research activities at the CNR (placed in the research project of “Place-based strategies and policies for local development”) are focused on urban and environmental sustainable trasformation. They are deepening the techniques and tools for the analysis, evaluation and planning to regeneration.

Main research topics are the sustainable development and collaborative urban transformations and the vulnerability and resilience of cities in natural disasters.

The studies of collaborative process are developed with the researchers of “Social and Community Psychology” Department of Humanities UNINA.

She has participated in many scientific and organizational committees for national and international conferences and workshops.

Reviewer of journals TRIA and LaborEst, and the 1st e 2nd International Symposium New Metropolitan Perspectives.

Board member of  “Associazione Nazionale Ingegneri Architetti Italiani – Campania” and of the editorial board of the journal ANIAI. SIU and INU member.

She been teaching at the Faculty of Architecture of UNINA and SUN, since 2006.

She has co-edited a number of texts, published journal articles, and presented several conference papers about these subject areas.