Icolari Donatella

Donatella Icolari is a research associate  of the CNR – IRISS and within the research area “Service Innovation” she deals with innovation strategies and paths in cultural institutions.

She graduated in Modern Literature with a historical-artistic background and specializes in Museography. She has a Master’s degree in the Development of innovative techniques and methodologies in the management and enhancement of cultural heritage”.

Her main research interests concern the enhancement of cultural heritage, innovative strategies in museum communication, interpretative planning and cultural mediation through smart technologies and digital tools.

During her professional career she has been in charge of the setting up and planning of educational services for temporary and permanent museum exhibitions, dealing in particular with the new communication languages of scientific museums and business museums.

She has collaborated in the project to enhance the historical and scientific heritage of the Province of Arezzo, coordinated by the Museum of the History of Science in Florence and the University of Florence, and has designed and implemented the educational services of the company museum dedicated to the history of health Aboca museum.

She has gained experience in cataloguing, digitizing cultural heritage and designing innovative models for the use of material and immaterial cultural heritage.

Later, with the last title obtained “Territorial Improvement and Social Community Manager” within the Project OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A. (Organization of Cultural Heritage for Smart Tourism and Real-time Accesibility) she focused her research interest on smart Technologies and Cultural Heritage, devoting herself to the design of new ways of multimedia, immersive and interactive use of cultural heritage and to the construction of multimedia hypertexts.