Canonico Fabrizio

Fabrizio Canonico is Associate Professor at CNR – IRISS since 2017.

He is currently director of the Cratere degli Astroni National Natural Reserve near Naples which is managed by WWF and he is regional coordinator for the management of WWF Oasis in Campania Region. He is an environmental expert with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Italy for the international research project “FarmlandBird Index”.

His research topics deal with development of new technologies in the field of nature conservation.

In 2016 he is awarded the first place in the environment section of “The Big Hack” of Naples proposing a system of AI, to prevent damage from wildlife.

He is member of the Regional Surveillance Committee for Campania Rural Development Plan (2013/2020).

He was nominated (2013 to 2015) by the President of Campania Region (Italy) as a member of Regional Committee for Protected Areas.

He has been involved, for public and private institutions, in more than twenty international  cooperation projects, as Project Manager or Coordinator (namely ECOSERT, EUTOU, SUFALNET4EU, MEDcostNET, REVIME) and of local development funded by European Commission.  Objective of the projects: sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity, in the European, Central-American and Asian territorial context.

Since 2003 he has worked with the international planning company EUASIA Ltd in Hong Kong as an expert in environmental planning.

He has attended several workshops and his papers have been published in specialized journals.